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The Christian Life

About this booklet:

The contents of this booklet are taken from chapters 6-10 of book 3 of Calvin's Institutes (Henry Beveridge translation, 1845 edition). Since Calvin’s Institutes were first published, these chapters have been printed separately numerous times and in a variety of languages.

We have enhanced the readability of the Beveridge translation in a number of ways: Archaic words have been replaced. A number of sentences have been retranslated from the original Latin to better reflect the original content. New section headings have been added. And, paragraph’s have been broken into smaller portions.
Thanks are due to Jan Zeldenrust for proofreading and suggesting many improvements.
Although Calvin lived in different circumstances than we do today, the lessons he teaches are Scriptural and therefore always timely. May the Lord be pleased to bless these words to the hearts of His people.

Copyright 2013 Rev. John Marcus (modifications)
Printed by the Evangelism Committee of
First Protestant Reformed Church of Edmonton
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Distributed by the Reformed Witness Committee of
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Chapter 1 Scriptural arguments exhorting us to holiness
Chapter 2 Not our own
Chapter 3 Self-denial and bearing the cross
Chapter 4 Aspiring to the future life
Chapter 5 Rightly using the present life and its comforts
Gerald Van Baren,
May 19, 2013, 6:01 PM